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The Atlanta area offers a myriad of lifestyles.  Coastal Style, Inc. has the ability to place those who qualify into gorgeous homes throughout the metropolitan area.  Whether your desire is to live in a glamorous high-rise, a fabulous Buckhead estate, a regal Intown historic treasure, or a wonderful suburban home within a great school district (or all of the above!), we can help you make your dream home possible at a mere fraction of current market rent.  Those who are accepted into our program will receive discounted rental rates by as much as 75%!  Qualifying for, and participating in, our program is the perfect solution to significantly downsizing housing costs while maintaining or upgrading your standard of living.  Our resident managers enjoy the additional luxury of remaining totally flexible and unencumbered by lease terms.


The homes we offer are actively listed for sale and may be leased to individuals or families who have beautiful interiors with which to stage the properties.  The resident stager works in concert with Coastal Style and the real estate agent to assist in the marketing of these luxury homes.


Coastal Style maintains great working relationships with all of the top-producing real estate agencies in metropolitan Atlanta.  Please contact us for program details and a current inventory of available homes.

Who is your "typical" resident stager?

Most of our resident stagers fall into one of four groups:  


1.  Those who have just sold their own homes but have not identified their next purchase.  They wish to be unencumbered by a lease term so they remain free to purchase when they find their next home.  They also love the huge savings on rent.


2.  Families who are building or renovating their own homes.  In addition to the reasons listed above, they are also thrilled to avoid putting their fine interiors into storage.  Living in a larger, finer home for less expense than an apartment is also more appealing for most families.  


3.  Individuals who are divorcing.  Staging gives them an opportunity to pause, save money, and live comfortably,  while they plan their next steps.  


4.  Families and individuals who are staging for more than one year.  They view staging as a job that provides an additional source of income (ie. in the form of large savings in living expenses).  They also enjoy the variety and the challenge.  They take great pride in the job they do.  

Are pets allowed?

Yes! Pets are allowed with an appropriate pet deposit.

Do I pay to move if the home sells while I am staging it?

If the home were to sell within a pre-determined time period, the resident stager does not pay for the move-out.

Do you accept families?

Yes! Family homes are illustrated better when staged with real families.

How much notice will I get to move when the home sells?

You will get a minimum of 30 days notice to move. This allows us a gracious amount of time to give you several options to choose from if you would like to continue to be a resident stager.

What is the typical list price of the homes in your inventory?

The typical list price of the homes we offer ranges from $700,000 to $5 Million.

What are my costs?

Rent is $1,000 – $2,400/month for homes listed between $700,000 – $5 Million.  Other expenses include utilities and renter’s insurance.  A security deposit is also required.  Optional expenses include pest control and security monitoring.

Will the home be professionally cleaned prior to move-in?

Yes! The homeowner will take care of having the home professionally cleaned prior to move-in, and the resident stager will be responsible to have the home professionally cleaned upon move-out.

Can I be a resident stager if I do not have a lot of furniture?

Our firm maintains an inventory of furniture that may be utilized to augment your interiors at an additional cost if you qualify.  We also have accounts with wholesale distributors of fine furniture so that we can help you purchase key pieces at a greatly reduced cost.

How much notice do I need to give if I wish to move out?

A simple 30 day notice is required if you wish to move.